Let's look around the plant

Last Friday we went to the plant for a Dealers’ Home Show and part of that was another tour of The Plant.  I thought today’s photograph was interesting because there is so much included all within one picture.  Here’s what you are looking at:

  • In the foreground on the right is The Pit where access to the underside of each module is easy as the floor has been lowered about five feet allowing the crew to work on the underside including:
    • Plumbing pipes need to be worked on under the box
    • Electrical wiring is much easier from the underside
    • Many homes have special duct work that is done in  The Pit
  • Look carefully at the module, a.k.a. box, over The Pit, it has a layer of Continuous Insulation on the outside of the house.  This particular home has R-Max, a foil faced polypropylene foam that is available in a variety of thicknesses.  This is applied to the outside of the home acting as a Thermal Barrier – it is all about conserving energy as we build a better home for you
  • The box towards the rear of the photograph has a small roof already installed, this is probably going to be a breakfast nook protruding from the body of the home.  Customization is so easy to do. 
  • Look carefully in the factory’s floor you will see what looks like rail road tracks.  Well, although not for a railroad they do allow the boxes to easily move forward in the production line.  This is only one of the many things that are done to improve the productivity of the work

This factory may not be a beautiful place for visitors to come and sit in comfort as they watch what is going on but, I can assure you it is a factory where one terrific home is built and it will serve you extremely well throughout its one-hundred year life span.  Yes, a modular home does have a projected life span of 100 years.  How’s that for quality!

This factory was built with the stated goal of building homes inside.  It is not a converted “Widget Factory” that is now building houses.  From the very first step everything is aimed at quality.

Whether you new home is in Elmore or Groton Vermont it will be built correctly!

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