Let's see who wins

The other day we had Golf Lessons with Stroke Play and today let’s talk about the P, C, and 1B.

All of us that have gone to Fenway, or Yankee Stadium, or a local softball game keep score similar to the official score keepers at the big stadiums.  Do people actually go to both Fenway and Yankee Stadium?

Of course, you know the P throws the ball to the C.  (pitcher and catcher).  And, at the end of the 9th inning the team with the highest score is the official winner.  There are official ways to score a game and there are official ways to measure insulation.  Baseball and most other sports scores points for doing something correctly.  So……., in most sports High Score Wins.

The same is true with your home’s insulation.  The insulation’s R-Value is a measure of the insulation’s Resistance to heat.  The greater the resistance ( R-Value ) the less heat is lost.

So, insulation is supposed to stop heat loss and HIGH SCORE wins the same as baseball.  The greater the R-Value the better the insulation.

That is of course the exact opposite as yesterday’s U-Value the measurement for a window’s efficiency.

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