Let’s take a tour of our new Colonial Home.

Yesterday we introduced you to The Wyoming Colonial Home, a four-bedroom, three full bathroom home that is just perfect for a big family.  Yesterday we “walked around” the first floor with its Open Concept.  On Facebook we have a bunch of favorable comments from folks that liked the layout.

This Two-Story Colonial has 2, 323 square feet of living space; it is not a Tiny-House, yet it is not so big as to qualify as a McMansion.  By the way, those huge homes seem to have gone out of style.

Here’s a brief list on what to expect upstairs:

  • Handsomely large Master Ensuite with a private bath that is divided into two “rooms” so two people can comfortably use the bathroom at the same time.  Also, look at the HUGE walk in closet.
  • Three nice size bedrooms for “The Kids.”  And, the kids get their own bathroom that again is divided into two sub-rooms. 
  • Each of the kids’ rooms have a generous size closet and lots of light
  • Mom and Dad’s room is on one side of the house separated from the kids by the staircase, this ensures everyone’s comfort and privacy.

Throughout this beautiful home you will always see:

  1. 100% Custom Built, so if you’d like to change or alter something that is perfectly fine with us!
  2. Energy Efficiency.  Vermont Modular builds one of Vermont’s most energy efficient homes!  We combine various building products to create a home that will serve you well for many years to come.
  3. Up-scale with superior quality.  Whether its our extra thick sheetrock, superior insulation, triple pane windows, 30 year Architectural Roof, or hundreds of additional pieces and parts that make up a superior home; your new home will be truly beautiful
  4. You are going to love your new home because it will come exactly as you ordered.

Call us at (802) 985-5855 to start the conversation about your new home.

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