Let’s talk about “The Car’s Home.”

Yesterday we took a long look at The Manchester Ranch, a uniquely beautiful Ranch House with ton’s Character, talk about Curb Appeal.  Wow, it really is a handsome home that will look great in any community.

One of the very cool things about The Manchester Ranch is that it comes with a big 24’ x 24’ Two-Car Garage.  And today we are calling the garage the special home for your car.  Although, many garages are full of bicycles, lawn mowers, snow blowers, trash cans, garden tools, and other assorted stuff that every home has.  The problem with all his stuff is that it leaves the car(s) outside.  Oh well, we can’t have everything.  Right?

So, we got thinking about how to make the garage even more attractive and quickly came across one of the most important words – money!  And, if money is such an important thing then Vermont Modular needs to make your garage cost less.  How’s that for a fabulous idea!?

We have been including a full two-car garage that is 24’ by 24’ that includes:

  • 24 x 24’  -  two-car
  • 2x6” panelized construction
  • 7/12 pitch truss roof
  • Two windows
  • One door for us to walk through
  • Two doors for the cars to drive through
  • All assembled
  • The roof with its’s matching 30-year shingles
  • All for $14,504.

Special promotion – we are going to include this garage with every new home at exactly one-half price or $7,252  Now, go out and find another modular home company that will do that for you???

If your new home and inexpensive garage is located in Georgia Vermont or Hartford Vermont, the garage will still only cost $7,252.  Here’s the catch  -  we will provide this special offer to only four new homeowners and your new home needs to be ordered on or before July 18, that is one month from today.

We have decided this promotional program will continue for only one month for only four people.  So, before we regain our senses and eliminate the offer it might be a great time to start planning your new home.

Call us at (802) 985-5855 to start the conversation.

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