Let’s use technology to help.

Do you know  Siri?  Ok, how about AI, do you know AI?  One more time, do you know OK Google?

I am going to bet that virtually everyone knows:

  • Siri is Apple’s voice command person
  • AI is artificial intelligence
  • And OK Google is Google’s command person

If you are contemplating Aging in Place, then Vermont Modular Homes suggests you seriously consider giving a voice command rather than turning a dial, twisting a handle, pinching this or that, and all the other things necessary to make something happen. 

All you need to do is, “Hey Siri” and then give a command.  Or simply say, “OK Google” and then your command.

As seniors Age in Place we have become so much more accustomed to modern technology.  Simple things like:

“Hey Siri” turn on the living room lights!  That has got to be so much easier, not to mention so much safer than wandering into a dark room looking for the light switch.

Do you know that accidents in darkened spaces account for a majority of seniors falling?   Do you know how serious and costly falling is?

  • Check our earlier blog for statics
  • Many falls are caused by home dangers such as throw rugs, junk on the floor that needs to be picked up, insufficient light to see what is going on

Think how Siri, OK Google, and/or AI can help make a home far safer and more of a Smart Home.    

Today’s picture shows one of the more popular ways for you to Talk with your Smart Home and that home is far safer for us seniors.

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