Modular Homes are not a new idea.

Technically speaking a modular home is comprised of sections or Modules that a built in a controlled environment and then transported to a job site.

One of the significant advantages is that work at the home site and construction of the home can be done at the same time.  Obviously, if you are considering a commercial building with multiple rental units this is a huge advantage as you project will be completed quicker and most assuredly on time. 

Last week we were talking with a couple moving back to Vermont after living in Massachusetts for the past ten years.  They are going to want their new home completed quickly so that their move is more comfortable.  A modular fits their unique needs beautifully.

Modular homes are truly the way to go! And, they have been popular since the 1970’s.

However, manufactured homes have been around for a long time.  Take a look at today’s photograph, it shows a very popular type of home of the 1920’s and 30’s.  A very large retail chain of stores popularized homes as shown in today’s picture.

Every single part, piece, and component was cut to size, numbered, and stacked in their shipping so that the builder could easily and quickly construct the house.

Hundreds of thousands of these homes were built and today the vast majority of them are still around representing a building trend of another era.

If you live in one of these homes or have one near your home, you know and understand their historic and cultural significance.

Today’s modular homes have their roots deep in American lore. 

Wouldn’t you like to build your new historic home!

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