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The other day we asked for a favorite part of a Two-Story Colonial home and the overwhelming favorite was “The Deck.”  I am going to guess that everyone is really anxious to get outside, fire up the grill, and cook some exciting summer food.  All this is fun and exciting, in today’s photograph we are looking at how decks can be built. 

In today’s photograph you are looking at two of the most popular methods of supporting a deck.

  • First, on the left side of the picture you can see a pillar of concrete protruding up from the ground and a pressure treated post sitting on top of the concrete.  This is a “Pre-Cast Concrete Deck Post.”  Typically, these are five feet tall and from the very top they taper outward to a “foot” at the bottom.  Most times, these Precast posts are manufactured at a concrete company’s factory and brought to the job site.
  • Second, on the right-hand side of the picture is a heavy-duty steel rod that has been screwed into the earth.  These have several names but “Techno-Post” is the most common.  A machine is placed on the ground and screws the post into the earth until the calculated resistance is met to support the desired weight.
  • Years ago, these posts were made onsite using Sauna Tubes, a cardboard tube that was filled with concrete onsite, the deck would then sit on top of the Sauna Tube.  Although still used, this method is seen less frequently. 

In all applications the pressure treated posts are held in place with one of several metal fixtures.  In the picture you can see two distinctly different methods being used; both are excellent.

One of these pictures is over in Windsor County and the other is in Chittenden County.  Both locations have uniquely different soil types.  If you are building your deck, which would you use?

Which of these two methods do you think is best?

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