More of our new Colonial Home

Earlier this week we introduced you to our new Colonial Home, The Wyoming Colonial.  If you go back in our blog posts you can see the layout for the first and second floor of this handsome four-bedroom, three full bathroom, colonial home.

Today you can see exactly how the exterior of the home will look.

Architecturally this is a “Nine-Lite Center Hall Colonial.”  That is its style name, a style that emphasizes symmetry.  Both sides of the front are equally balanced with four windows across the front of the first floor and symmetrically balanced or stacked on top of those windows are four more on the second floor giving the house its balance. 

The front door has the ninth window stacked on top of the grand entrance, hence the “Nine-Lite” name.  Oh yeah, technically a window is referred to as a Lite.

Inside the staircase or its Center Hall to the second floor is typically placed in the center of the home which continues with the symmetrically balanced concept both on the first and second floors.

Did you know that a Two-Story Colonial home is without a doubt the LEAST EXPENSIVE style of home to build?  When you are calculating the cost of a home on a “Per-Square-Foot” basis, a two-story is always the least expensive.

It is always less expensive to “build up” as compared to “building out.”  That then follows that a Ranch Home where everything is on the first floor is more expensive per-square foot; that is correct.

The difference in costs is significant.  For example:  a Two-Story Colonial with the exact same square footage and identical accoutrements as a comparable Ranch Home will run roughly $20,000 less.

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