This morning it was Sub-Zero

We’d like to mention another type of construction that seems to be in use and that is building homes with Factory-Made Panels.  The panels are then trucked to the building site and assembled into the “shell” of the house.

On the surface I suppose that has an appeal although the real benefit escapes me. This is a type of construction where “Some Assembly is Required.”  Well, ok, a lot of assembly is required!

Take a good look at today’s photograph that was taken January 2019.  You are looking at stacks of pre-built panels that have been delivered to the job site.  A crane hoisted the panels off the truck and stacked them on the ground awaiting assembly.

I am guessing that everyone knows exactly why we are posting this photograph.  All that white stuff happens to be snow just in case you missed that rather salient point.  The ground is covered with snow as are all the panels.

I’m wondering if everyone understands why we picked this photograph for today’s blog.  Here is our brief run-down of this situation:

  • Panel construction is good because they are factory built in a controlled environment.
  • Panel construction is good because the panels are built for less because factory work is far more productive.
  • Panels sit out in the rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and so on…………
  • Panel construction………., oops, that’s all I can think of………….

Do you realize that if panels are good because they are built in a factory just think how much better your new home will be because the entire home is built inside away from the nasty weather?

Wouldn’t you rather have a modular?

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