Now or later?

Over the weekend I got thinking and need everyone’s help!  Today’s blog is more of a Conversation Starter.  So, join in and let’s hear your two-cents worth of august advice.

When is the correct time to start decorating for Christmas?

Should you wait until after Thanksgiving?

Should you get it all done before Thanksgiving?

There are those of us that are anal, and the decorations were up and done several weeks ago.  The other day I found a friend who has the table all set for Thanksgiving, it will sit and wait for several weeks before the turkey appears.  That might be a tad Over-The-Top.

I also know people who decorate Christmas Eve at the very last minute.

So………….., when is the correct time?

We all know the very same question applies to Christmas Shopping.  When?  When is the correct time?  And then of course the next question is when should you wrap all the stuff you’ve bought?

See all the fabulous questions that need your input.

Don’t forget that you should also be planning for your new home all at the same time.

Call us for home help, you can figure out all the other stuff on your own. 

Have a good week everyone!  Relax, you are at home.

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