Ok, it is really cold out there!

If you have been listening to the radio or TV, reading the paper, watching online, or listening to virtually everyone they are all saying the same thing……, it is really cold outside!  Then everyone goes off on a crazy streak talking about a Polar Vortex and how we are in the midst of dangerous cold.

Get a grip folks, it is Vermont and it is winter.  It is supposed to be cold.  The wind is supposed to howl and occasionally people so get frost bite.  But we are tough and have been through all this many times before.  Soon the summer heat will return, and we will all go mildly crazy again.  Oh well………………..

Did you know that as the wind blows against the side of your house it can severely impact the pressure differential from inside to outside?  If there is a strong wind blowing against the south side, that then becomes the windward side.  The blowing air against your home will swirl around the house and create pressure against that side of the house forcing air in through tiny cracks and crevices.  Yes, that is Cold Air Penetration.

But, on the other side of the house the air swirls around and the air pressure on that leeward side will actually be less than the air pressure inside the house.  That pressure differential actually sucks air out of the house.

Pressure against the house on the windward side creates lower pressures on the leeward side.  Obviously, these pressure differentials cause greater Heat Loss.

Proper air sealing can greatly reduce the impact that the wind will have on your home’s Heat Loss.  Spray Foam does seal up the tiny cracks and crevices.  Those very small openings in your building envelope become much more important with the impact of wind.

It is not necessarily the wind that is the enemy, it is the resulting Pressure Differentials that cause air to be literally sucked out of the building.

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