Our Design Center is ready for you!

In yesterday’s blog we showed you a new addition to our Website’s Portfolio, The High Post Colonial in Lamoille County Vermont, up in the mountains of northern Vermont.

We will be showing you a new home for our portfolio each week.  On Monday 6/3/2019 you will be introduced to another new home from Vermont Modular, see ya then!

Today let’s take a look at our Design Center where all of you are cordially invited to stop by and visit.  As you can see from today’s photograph, we are trying to make your visit comfortable, enjoyable, and very productive.

Here’s how we envision the process moving forward:

  1. Initial Conversation, probably on the phone or via email.
  2. First consultation here at our office in South Burlington.  Come have a seat in our Living Room and we will talk about your new-home-dreams
  3. Develop a plan for your new home:
    1. The design center puts together a CAD (computer aided drawing) for your new home.
    2. We will do the CAD right there with you on our huge 55” Computer Monitor so that it is super easy for you to follow along, after all it is you that is in charge of this project.  It is your new home!
    3. Please remember every home is 100% Custom Built right down to the tiniest detail.
    4. You are going to LOVE your new home. 
  4. Create a series of Building Specifications.  We will balance:
    1. Energy Efficiency – we want your new home to be as Energy Efficient as possible.  We will work with you as you struggle to reach NET ZERO.
    2. Financial considerations – we will work with you as your Dream Home comes together in such a way that it fits within your budget.

So, when are you going to drop by?  We put the Design Center together as a tool for you to use.  We will help you turn your Vermont Dream into Reality.  And then send you on your way with a detailed drawing.  And, the good news is we do all this for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  Or, in other words….., it’s FREE.

Call us at (802) 985-5855

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