Our job starts when the home is built in the plant

Later this week we will be showing you photographs of a completed home that is in its final day or two of construction.  Tomorrow afternoon is the house’s “Coming Out Party.”  And, if I understand correctly pizza and “adult traveling beverages” have been ordered for this auspicious occasion.

With the big party coming up in a couple days we’ve been looking at that home’s progress through its construction. 

Today’s photograph shows you the house actually being built inside the plant.  Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter if it is raining or snowing.  The wind can howl and none of that matters, our homes are built indoors in a controlled environment.  Don’t you think that’s better?

So, back in December and on into January our home was being built in the plant, just like the photograph we are showing you today. 

Tomorrow we will talk about the delivery and how the house is “gently placed” on its permanent foundation.  We never use the work drop, gently placed is far more accurate.

All throughout the process everything is taken very slowly, carefully, deliberately, and with great attention paid to building you a superior home.

Don’t forget that every home from Vermont Modular is a Super Insulated home, we are proud to build one of Vermont’s most energy efficient homes.  Have you reached out to us and asked for a copy of our Standard Building Specifications?  We gladly share these with all our prospective homeowners.  And, we would love to include you.

Let us know how we can build your Vermont Dream.

Call us at (802) 985-5855   We are here in our brand-new offices in South Burlington.

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