Out newest home up north

To all of our loyal blog post followers -  you will recall our newest home was delivered and set on its permanent foundation just last week.  The weather for the delivery and setting on the foundation was perfectly beautiful summer days in northern Vermont.

We’ve been thinking about this home and thought you might like to see how it was built.  Today’s photograph shows last week’s home when it was still in the plant being built.

Look carefully at the outside of the home, it is a dark gray, not exactly the color you’d expect to see.  Aren’t we all accustomed to seeing Plywood on the outside that is then covered with “House Wrap?”  If that were the case the house would be either a wood color or white from the house wrap.

Well every home from Vermont Modular is wrapped on the Outside of the house with 1½” of Rigid Foam, this process has a name and it is Continuous Insulation that is always outside the building.  This layer of insulation acts as a Thermal Barrier and very greatly enhances the performance of the home’s insulation.

Here’s the part that completely baffles all of us at Vermont Modular – why is it that we are one of a very very FEW builders that includes this step in every home?  I personally would think that every home in Vermont should be a highly Energy Efficient home that is built extremely well.

There are moments when I wonder if we are the only ones doing it correctly.  For example, just this afternoon we had a conversation and discussion about part of the team that will be attending a building science exposition in Colorado next month.  We are looking for ways to improve on what we think is an outstanding home.

It is not enough to build a wonderful home; we need to constantly be improving and building an even better home.

Come join Vermont Modular as we explore the future.

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