Primary Mortgages. Are they up or down?

Normally our daily Blog Posts are about Energy Efficiency or introducing new homes. 

This post is to bring you Breaking News:

As part of the United States’ ongoing Trade War with China and now possibly Mexico the financial experts predict a weakening of sentiment within the Financial World.  The first victim so far as the relationship between 3-Month Treasury Bills and 10-Year Treasury Bills.  For those that work within these sophisticated financial workings it bodes well for lower Interest Rates.

For the first time since January 2018 the 30 Year Fixed Rate home mortgage has dropped below 4% and that drop is significant.

It logically follows that lower interest rates will give a boost to the US Housing Market.  Over night, it has become less expensive for you to purchase a home.

Several weeks ago, we talked about The Cost of Money and that cost is Interest.  Over a 30-year period the amount you will pay back to the bank exceeds the amount borrowed.  Singly, the largest cost associated with your new home is The Cost of Money.

Today that cost just went down.

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