Rapidly finishing up.

Yesterday we talked about finishing up the basement Family Room and today I thought you might like to look and see the outside of this handsome home.

Take a look at today’s picture, you are looking at:

  • The entire outside of the house is finished; all of the siding is done and the roof is complete
  • Check out the deck across the front.  Yesterday the owner and I set outside on the deck enjoying the view; just think how great that is going to be this summer.  By the way, the view is of the valley with the Adirondack Mountains in the background.  Not too shabby!
  • Heavy duty gutters and downspouts are all installed
  • Do you like the raised roof?  I think it looks great and it creates a covered area over the front door.  Did you notice the front door is a French Door?  That really is a spectacular addition.

Today we introduce a puzzle.  Who can spot in the picture something either in or on the house that is not finished?  Yes, we know the yard work needs to be done, that will happen when Mother Nature thinks it is the right time.

When I looked carefully at the picture I did notice one detail that is not done.  Do you see it?

The grand prize for that lucky winner of today’s puzzle is Bragging Rights.  We hold them in high esteem.  Let’s see who wins.

Give us a call with your answer or do a Facebook comment.  We want to hear from you.

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