So, what's trending in residential design?

Across all residential designs there are a series of features that are trending where homeowners are constantly selecting as something they want included in their new home.

In the next several days or weeks, we will try to touch on some of the most popular architectural characteristics that are widely trending. 

For example, way back when, the most popular thing was “Avocado Appliances.”  I bet there are lots of our readers that don’t even remember this 1970’s fad.  I will date myself and tell you, “…I vividly remember green refrigerators.”  But honestly, I thought they were awful back when they were cool.  Fortunately, everyone eventually turned their back on those Avocado things in the kitchen.  Oops, I am sorry if you still own one!

In our next several blog posts we will try to avoid current fads and stay with what is Trending.

Take a look at today’s photograph as it shows a warm and inviting Front Porch that welcomes people to your home.

The very popular Front Porch is obviously not a new item, but it is one that currently is again gaining in popularity as it is trending as one of a home’s most wanted features.

One of the most popular overall styles of home is The Contemporary Farm House.  And part of that look is the Farmers’ Front Porch that is reminiscent of an era when people sat on their front porch, families would congregate on the porch, often have dinner on the porch, and visit with neighbors as they passed by.

A relatively new aspect out on the porch is the presence of Ceiling Fans.  Now even in the heat of summer the porch is comfortable.  Ceiling fan manufacturers have recently added units that are perfectly ok indoors or outside.  I’ve found that a ceiling fan can effectively blow the mosquitoes away.  It is particularly nice to be outside away from the air-conditioning but in a gentle breeze without the pesky mosquitoes.  A cold glass of Iced Tea is particularly great, don’t forget there is the Long Island version of Iced Tea, just in case you’ve a mind for an adult traveling beverage.

If your new home is in Stratton or Swanton would you want a porch on your new home?

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