Some times the weather is not our friend

We are constantly asked about building homes in the winter and people ask, “….isn’t the winter a more difficult time to build?”  It seems as though everyone worries about all these things:

  • How cold will it be?
  • What if it snows?
  • Can the men work in the cold of winter?

Well, here are a couple thoughts:  If it is cold everyone simply adds another layer of clothing to stay warm.  If it snows, we get a plow to push the snow away.  And yes, the guys can work in the cold if properly dressed.

One significant problem that seldom gets asked……………….., “…what if it turns warm?”

During the winter it often warms up, the snow melts, ice disappears, and frozen ground turns to mud.  Honestly, that is now a problem.

Earlier today we visited a job site here in the Champlain Valley of Chittenden County as a final check; this home is probably going to be delivered next week.

Here in Vermont there’s the Old Joke about our Fifth season, Mud Season.  If everything warms up in the winter the mud can be a problem and will slow down the project.

Take a look at today’s photograph and look at roughly the two to three inches of fresh snow, it arrived last night as we were all sleeping.  Of course, the skiers were all thrilled and it doesn’t cause us a problem until the snow decides to melt and make the job site a mess.

During the winter we find ourselves constantly checking the weather report; the forecast for all next week calls for temperatures at or below freezing.  Seriously, that is truly a good thing.  We want the ground to be frozen, hard, and solid enough to hold the weight of our equipment when we set the home on its permanent foundation. 

Of course, we will keep you posted so that you can follow this project.  Shortly after we deliver this home the next one will be up in the mountains of Windham County in Southern Vermont.

Yup!  Winter can be exciting.  Do you have a winter story to share?

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