Spring, Day one !

As you all know by now today is the First Day of Spring 2019.  I am fairly confidant that all of us look forward to spring as that time of year when hope springs eternal.  This time of year is a very beautiful time, the trees will shortly start to show faint colors and it seems as though everything comes alive.  It really won’t be long until out in the garden somewhere the Daffodils will peak through as the precursor of spring.  In my yard the Forsythia is starting to awake and soon the yellow flowers of spring will appear.  It is a great time of year and things manage to always look better.  By the way, the pictures of the Daffodils was taken last year in my back yard.

In addition to all that spring is a wonderful time to get going on our plans for the new home.  Just this week we’ve has calls from North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, and numerous towns here in Vermont.  Everyone seems to be actively thinking of their new home in 2019.  Here are several really important things that are driving demand:

  1. The Federal Reserve just announced this week they do not anticipate interest rates rising in the foreseeable future.  Mortgage rates are at an all-time low right now.
  2. According to Bankers Associations the number of mortgage applications are rising at a rate of 1.6% in the last week.
  3. Realtors are saying that as many as 37% of prospective home buyers are saying that right now is a good time to buy.  The majority (53%) of Americans think the economy is improving.
  4. Vermont Modular does have the capacity to build your new home for you and deliver on time.
  5. Millennials have a series of concerns:
    1. 65% think of home ownership as a choice but not a necessity
    2. 40% think owning a home is a financial burden
    3. But…………., 80% of Millennials think of homeownership as realistic
    4. About one-half of millennials see themselves owning a home within the next five years
    5. A majority of millennials think they will be forced to relocate in order to afford a home.

Home ownership is a complex thing.  Vermont Modular would love to help you as much as we can; we’ve done it before and have twenty-seven years of experience; let us help you!

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