Today is town meeting day

Today is Town Meeting Day here in Vermont as we celebrate an old tradition of grass roots democracy at its best.

In almost every small town in Vermont, don’t forget we have 237 town, 9 cities, 5 unincorporated towns, and 4 gores.  Here’s a unique fact, an unincorporated town is one where the state legislature canceled or revoked the town’s charter because there aren’t any residents.

The four Gores in Vermont are those unique places where the survey didn’t quite workout nicely and an odd piece of land was left, typically a Gore has only three sides, not four, and we have four of those and two of them has a population of zero.

In the majority of our 237 towns today is the day set aside where voters/residents gather to discuss, decide, and vote on the town’s future for the upcoming year.  Each resident at the Town Meeting has direct power over the future of that town whereas in an Elected Representative structure the elected officials make the final decisions.  It really is a unique carry-over from an earlier time.

Have you gone to your Town Meeting today. 

There is a very famous Norman Rockwell painting of Vermont Town Meeting Day that I’d love to post but it has copywrite restrictions, it was painted in 1941 and is currently displayed in The Library of Congress.

Today’s photograph is of the Meeting Hall.

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