The Truth about Heat Pumps

Last week we wrote about Fossil Fuels and their waning days as part of an effort to combat Climate Change.

The rapidly increase in the use of Cold Climate Heat Pumps is an excellent example of the General Public’s effort to do their individual part to combat Climate Change.  There are widespread unscientific mis-information campaigns floating around the internet that say the Heat Pumps do not own up to the purported claims of saving energy.  All of those are simply not true.  An Air Source Cold Climate Heat Pump is the most energy efficient and financially advantageous way to heat your home through the winter. 

Don’t forget that a Cold Climate Heat Pump also provides you with Air Conditioning in summer’s heat.

The initial cost of installing a Heat Pump is far less than a Fossil Burning boiler or Furnace. 

Should you like to continue this conversation give your local HVAC contractor a call.  This blog post is not an attempt to sell you something.  Vermont Modular Homes is trying to Inform the public is what we think is a positive step in the right direction.

So, if you home is here in The Champlain Valley such as Colchester or Willsboro, NY we still believe a Heat Pump is your best bet.

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