Virtually complete!

One of the most significant factors of a brand-new modular home is how very quickly the job is completed.  The photograph for today was taken towards the end of January 2019, or about 2½ months ago.  During that construction period several things were completed:

  • All of the remaining siding was installed
  • An expansive deck was built across the front of the home
  • Two additional smaller decks were built at other exit doors
  • All of the interior mechanicals were completed:
    • Central heat was installed including radiant heat in the lower level game room
    • A propane fireplace has been installed
    • Dura-Ceramic floors have been installed
    • An additional 1,500 square feet of living space was completely finished in the basement
    • All the rooms have been painted a beautiful array of colors
    • The underground electrical service has been completed
    • And the plumbing is finished:
      • Hookup to the water well
      • Hookup to the septic system
    • It looks as though the family will be moving in next week

We challenge “Stick Builders” to complete a 3,000 square foot job in that amount of time.  This home is very definitely an upscale home right here in Chittenden County.  Later this week we will share with you all kinds of photographs of the finished home.

Today’s picture is Day One when the house was set on its permanent foundation, it is now three months later, and it is done. 

Stay tuned, we will have all new pictures for you this week.

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