Visitors do stop by

Yesterday we posted a picture of a beautiful porch on the front of a brand-new ranch house we very recently delivered here in Chittenden County Vermont.

Well……………, as I was leaving the job site to return to our new office here in South Burlington, I noticed something staring at me.

Take a look at today’s photograph, isn’t that Owl beautiful!  He/she (who knows) was about 20 feet away sitting up on a branch just checking out the world.  This was the middle of the afternoon.

I must admit I do not know what kind of Owl that is.  So, today’s big question is significant.  What kind of Owl is that?  Do you know?  Let us know and if you have pertinent information it would be great if you shared that with everyone.

Are these good birds to have in and around your home?

Isn’t Vermont a fascinating place??!!

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