Warm and cozy on a winter’s night

The weather forecast for tonight is COLD temps in the single digits, this frigid air is evidently going to be throughout most of Vermont and New England.  Oh well……., it is February and it is supposed to be cold.

Sitting by the fire reading a book, sipping of an adult beverage, or nursing a cup of hot chocolate – doesn’t that all sound fantastic!  It is what’s called snuggly warm and comfortable, or one of winter’s great joys!

We have all thought of a fireplace as a wonderful addition to our home.  But, do you know that a fireplace is a significant source of Heat Loss in your home?  And you say, “how is that possible?”  We all know that a fire gives off radiant heat, how can it be the source of Heat Loss? 

Actually, the fire generates heat but, the chimney is a HUGE source of Heat Loss.  When you go off to bed and curl up under the covers the fire dies out and stops giving off heat.  However, the chimney is still wide open and an enormous amount of warm air in your family room roars up the chimney wasting all that precious warmth in your house. 

Don’t worry, the furnace will kick on, burn more fossil fuel, and keep you warm.  Oh wait, doesn’t that burning fossil fuel cost you a lot of money and doesn’t that same burning fossil fuel contribute to Global Warming and harm our environment?  Well of course it costs you money and of course it contributes to Global Warming!  Did you think heat loss was free?

Take a good look at today’s photograph.  We happen to think it is beautiful and greatly contributes to the winter ambiance of warmth and comfort.  This fireplace does not have a chimney!  This fireplace does not burn fossil fuels!  This is a photograph of an Electric Fireplace and believe me when I tell you that it is 100% realistic!

We strongly suggest you take a long look at electric fireplaces; we are confidant you will want to cut way back on your Heat Loss while enjoying the “fire.”

What do you think?

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