We are frequently asked if we build Log Cabins

Many times, when the phone rings it is an inquiry about a Log Cabin.  As we all know a Log Cabin can be beautiful, the look is something very special.  Before I go much further let me confess that I am not a Log Cabin expert.  But here is what I do know about them:

  • Beauty – everyone agrees that a Log Cabin can be beautiful.
  • Expense – yes, log cabins tend to be expensive
  • Upkeep – a log cabin is a High-Maintenance creature.

Generally Modular Homes do not compete with Log Cabins because they are basically so different. 

A couple years ago we had a call from New Jersey, the Garden State with a very specific request and it went this way, “….I want a “log Cabin” in the woods of Vermont with a green roof.  Can you build that for me?’  Since every home is 100% Custom Built the answer was, “…sure we can.”  But as the conversation went on the homeowner let it be known they didn’t want the expense of a Log Cabin.  The solution was to build a Modular Home with a Green Roof and use “Log Cabin Siding.”  Wala, presto, ta-da, and There ya go, the problem solved!    I’ve told you Vermont Modular is good.

Now, fast forward to last fall when a homeowner called from Connecticut wanting a Log Cabin with no maintenance and that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Take a look at today’s photograph it shows you the solution for one of our newest homeowners from The Nutmeg State who was building their home in The Green Mountain State.

Survey – 1)  do you like the look?  Yes?  No?

2)  would you install this siding on your home?  Yes?  No?

This survey should be fun!

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