We are going to get more snow!

As you look out in your back yard it is probably all covered with snow and I am betting that the summer lawn furniture is all tucked away in your backyard shed awaiting the arrival of spring and summer.

During the winter it is easy for you to look outside and dream of summer while enjoying the benefits of winter.

During the winter it is great to be inside all cozy and warm.  It is a great time to plan and dream about your new home.  Here are a couple things for you to dream about:

  • A new home for your family.  The other day we had a large family call us from Southern Vermont, they want to build a two-story home with more than 3,000 square feet of living space.  The winter is a fabulous time to be thinking, dreaming, and planning!
  • How about a vacation home?  Many of you love the winter and fully take advantages of what’s available.  Last week we were in southern Vermont in the middle of Ski Country.  We delivered and set a Cape Chalet home that is going to be spectacular.  I asked the owners if they plan on using the home more in the winter or summer.  The answer was quick and firm, “….we will be here in Vermont all year!”
  • Your First Home.  We work with First Home Buyers a lot and find the challenge to be exciting.  Give us a call so that we can start the process as you dream.
  • Are you downsizing?  Many families are looking to sell the big family home now that The Kids are grown and gone.  It is a perfect time to dream about downsizing into your new Custom Built home.

See how exciting winter can be!  It is a great time for you to look outside and start the process towards your new home.

What are you dreaming about?

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