We won the raffle

It is time to celebrate!

Last week, actually one week ago today, we had a couple come into the office inquiring about building their new home.

Here it is with winter coming along, fall is virtually over, and our new folks came to us from Atlanta.  For all our geography geniuses that’s down south where today it is in the 70’s with bright sunshine as compared to our Vermont 59 degrees cloudy and raining.  Anyway, they are moving to Vermont because they absolutely love winter.  We all know they picked the right place.

So, back to the story.  Last Saturday all of us went to the Factory Fall Home Show and part of all the festivities is a raffle to one lucky prospective homeowner, a cash contribution to their new home.

Well…………, surprise surprise for the second time in the past five years a client from Vermont Modular Homes won the raffle and our brand-new Vermont family from Georgia won $6,000 towards their new home.  We happen to think this is very very exciting and all of us here at Vermont Modular are thrilled.

I am thinking that someone is looking down on us because just this afternoon we here at Vermont Modular received another piece of fabulous news.

Effective immediately we are now working with the Veterans Administration and for the first time since 1991 when we started delivering modular homes, we now can work with VA Mortgages.  This is a huge step forward and allows us to help our Veterans.

We will talk more about this in upcoming blogs.


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