What is our most affordable home?

Our phone rings all the time and more often than not the question goes this way, “…..we are on a budget and want to know what is your most affordable home?”

Actually, that isn’t hard to answer at all!  When looking at price there is one major rule that always applies.  “It is always less expensive to build up rather than build out !”

What does that mean”

  • A two-story colonial home is the least expensive home when calculated on a “Per Square Foot” basis.  The foundation is smaller and so is the roof.  It is easy to show you how a nice size two-story colonial can cost as much as $20,000 less than the identical sized ranch house.
  • Foundations are very expensive!
  • The Roof of your home can be very expensive.

But we have one even better.  Our most affordable home is a Cape Cod where the second floor is not finished.

Take a look at today’s photograph it shows a Brand-New Cape Cod home, you are looking at a Cape we delivered a couple years ago in Elmore Vermont and the homeowner in the picture has just begun to complete the bedrooms and bathroom upstairs in his own home.  Think of all the labor costs that you will be saving.

Yes, this type of home requires a lot of “sweat-equity.”  It requires a lot of work from the homeowners but it also can easily save you thousands of dollars. 

Since the second floor might not be finished, it is up to you, it is probably going to cost you a lot less.

We are going to start a push to encourage Millennials to seriously consider purchasing your own home NOW.

There are two huge factors in your favor right now:

First – bank interest, the cost of borrowing money is at an all-time low right now!

Second – Vermont Modular is featuring spectacular sale prices for Cape Cod style homes.

It doesn’t get much better!

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