What is trending in Energy?

As far as watching what’s Trending, we have looked at Kitchens, cabinetry design and color, and Front Porches.  These are very significant features that appeal to two major demographic groups:

  1. Millennials – these are the younger generation of Americans that were born from 1977 to 1995.  This huge group of folks are usually looking for their First House and want it to match their dreams.  Energy Efficiency and affordability are very important!  These we often call “The Kids.”
  2. Boomers – the other end of the spectrum is dominated by Boomers, those Americans born between 1946 and 1964, we some-times call these folks “mon and dad.”  Typically, Mom and Dad are looking to downsize and build a home that is smaller, very energy efficient, and somewhat up-scale.  “The Kids” are grown and gone so now our Boomers only need something smaller.

Surprisingly both of these demographic groups are chasing Energy Efficiency and in particular Solar Power.  Evidently both groups, and there are several others, all are concerned with Global Warming and want to do the right thing.  Solar Generated Electricity is the least harmful method of generating electricity. 

Several times we have delivered homes where either Solar Voltaic panels have been installed or Solar Hot Water panels have been used.  One generates electricity to power the home and the other creates hot water to heat the home.

I think it is significant that both Millennials and Boomers alike strongly favor Solar generated energy.

Tomorrow let’s look at Air-Source Cold Climate Heat Pumps that will both Heat and Air Condition your home while not burning one ounce of Fossil Fuel.

Before the electricity can be used it needs to be generated and that prompts the Trending use of Solar Panels weather you are up in the mountains in Stowe or in the valley around Shoreham solar power will serve you well. 

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