What is your most important supply to winterize

Normally we’d suggest you plunge right into a project around the house, something that would prepare you for winter which, we all know is around the corner.  But if you have time it just might be fun to pile everyone into the car and head out to one of a zillion orchards and pick yourself some truly fresh apples

From our office here in South Burlington I can quickly think of several large orchards that are just ripe (pardon the pun) for picking.  Right here in Chittenden County there are cool places, out in the Islands, up north and down south, orchards are all over.

Then you can bring the apples home and get to prepping the house for winter.

Stop off at the hardware store and pick up some caulk, can(s) of spray foam, and other critical supplies.  By the way, we’d like you to share your list of winterizing supplies.

Enjoy your weekend, next week we will get to some serious winterizing work.

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