What's the deal with winter concrete?

We thought you might like to know a series of interesting facts about concrete and especially how it works in the cold months of winter. 

  • During concrete first seven days it is very important to keep the concrete as moist as possible.
  • The active ingredient in concrete requires that it be kept as moist as possible or it possibly will gain less that HALF of it designed strength.
  • During the curing process it is best to not have freezing – it is possible to properly place concrete throughout the colder months of winter
    • The mix should be made with warm or hot water so that the concrete is kept warm
    • Adding accelerators to the concrete mix, this forces the concrete to set and cure faster and that lessens its exposure to the cold
    • Covering with some sort of protection, again to limit the exposure to the cold.
  • As concrete cures it generates its own heat, a chemical reaction.  That heat can be used to help the curing process.  Concrete blankets especially made for construction use will help trap that heat.  By trapping the heat the concrete will cure better, achieve greater strength, and obviously produce a better end result.

Working in the winter is certainly possible, it does require greater attention and care.

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