What's goin on this weekend?

The weather report for this upcoming weekend looks wonderful!  I’m thinking there’s a good possibility the grill will get fired up for a BBQ.

In addition to a cook-out this Saturday is going to be a great time to start tackeling those chores around the house in preparation for winter.

We suggest your first step might be to put together a formal list of those things that need to be done.  Once we’ve figured out the “what” part then it’s time to prioritize the chores.  Which is most important and which is the least important?

Throughout our Winterizing Series we will focus on Value, where is the Biggest Bang for the Buck?

Here are some things we suggest you take a look at this weekend and see if it fits in your scenario:

  • Windows – basement windows and upstairs windows
  • Doors – which door is going to be used the most
  • Insulation – check out the attic
  • Cold Air Penetration – we will talk a lot about this
  • Furnace / boiler – is everything working properly
  • Electrical – are there safety concerns
  • Pipes – outside faucets and insulating interior pipes
  • Heat Loss – wow, there’s a big topic
  • What’s goin on in your house

What are you looking at the most?  Remember, every home is different because of age and location.  If you’re up in the mountains of Ripton the winter is one thing and different next to The Lake in Georgia. Where do you live?

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