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Just in case you haven’t noticed the price of a single-family home in Vermont is skyrocketing to all-time record high prices.

In the past twenty years it is not uncommon for home prices to have gone up as much as 400% which is a great thing if you bought your home twenty years ago.  However, it you are looking today it leaves you with massive Sticker Shock.

Today we’d like to give you two ways to significantly bring your home to an affordable place:

  • FIRST – we recommend Modular Homes that are superior in quality because they are built inside in a controlled environment, but they are also LESS EXPENSIVE for a couple reasons:
    • Productivity – labor costs are not necessarily less but the productivity is far greater.  We don’t wait for lumber yard deliveries nor do we have delays caused by the weather.
    • Buy in bulk – a modular home factory can easily go through several Million Dollars in material in ONE month.  Deliveries are by The Train Load, far superior to what any stick-builder can do.
  • SECOND – have you considered a Multi-Family home that is Owner-Occupied?
    • Today’s photograph shows a two-unit home in southern Vermont.
    • If properly designed a Multi-Family home or Duplex can provide huge financial advantages.
    • YUP, it is possible to live “rent-free” in a duplex where the tenant with their rent payments to you cover the cost of your mortgage.

When was the last time you looked to see how expensive it is to rent an apartment?  Rental costs have risen faster than imagined. 

With a Duplex there are so many advantages:

  • Your mortgage payments remain constant year after year
  • Your rental income will increase every year.
  • The financial advantage of owning a duplex continues to get better all the time!

What do you think?  If you live East Haven or New Haven Vermont it is a great time to start the conversation about your new home.

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