Winter Storm Warning in effect

Today, 2/12/2019, we are waiting for a significant winter storm to hit.  The latest prediction is that about 4:00 this afternoon is will start to snow here in South Burlington and continue with heavy snow all night and eventually end some-time mid-day tomorrow with an accumulation of upwards of 18”. 

Today’s photograph shows a single-family home being built in the winter.  This type of residential construction presents a series of concerns.  Obviously, the framing of this home is completely exposed to the elements and is obviously covered with ice and snow.

Would you like your new home built this way?  Or, would you prefer that it be built indoors in a controlled environment?

Let’s consider cost.  Today’s photograph was taken in the middle of the afternoon and as you can clearly see the work has completely stopped.  Nothing is happening towards finishing this home.  The weather has forced work to be halted.  Some how that does not seem to be a productive work scenario. 

If you home were a modular and was being built inside the work would continue regardless of what is going on outside.  When you think of a modular this is what is NOT DONE:

  • Work continues in the rain, snow, freezing rain, howling wind, and so on. 
  • Progress does not stop waiting for lumber-yard deliveries.
  • Extreme cold does not impact the builders’ abilities
  • Excessive summer heat does not slow the builders down

What does happen is that the progress on your home is much more productive and as a direct result it will cost you less.  The savings are found in productivity of the work force.

The concept of productivity is absolutely critical to understanding the cost-savings benefit of modular homes.

We believe you will receive a better built home for less cost.  How do you beat that?

What are your thoughts and questions?

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