Wonderful home & kitchen

For a couple days now we’ve been talking about ADU and of course everyone vividly remembers what an ADU is.  Right?  Ok……., it is an Accessory Dwelling Unit whose creation was designed as a “Mother In-Law” home. 

ADU’s are for members of the family that might need some help but want to maintain their independence in their own home.

The ADU we have been talking about has everything Mom or Dad could possibly want just smaller.

Take a look at today’s photograph showing you the kitchen that includes:

  • Lots of Shaker style painted kitchen cabinets
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Stainless appliances –
    • Dishwasher
    • Large side-by-side refrigerator
    • Gourmet glass top range
    • Stainless Microwave

This wonderful two-bedroom ADU has about 800 square feet of living space and the easily qualifies it as an ADU. 

Throughout Vermont ADU’s are one of the fastest moving parts of the Real Estate market with many being built and greatly improving the value of the initial piece of property.  \

Don’t forget your ADU will be 100% Custom built and include our Super Insulated Energy Efficient package.  This is a Top-Quality home.

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