YES, it really is summer!

It seems as though we have waited a long time this spring for summer to arrive, let’s face it spring was slow to arrive and kinda hung around a tad too long before allowing summer to appear.

With the advent of Summer, it now is Air Conditioning time and the annual search for a truly efficient AC system. 

As all of our loyal Blog Readers know we stress Energy Efficiency and the need to be a good Steward of our environment

Take a look at today’s photograph.  You are looking at two Cold Climate Heat Pumps; obviously one is bigger than the other.  This home from Vermont Modular Homes has two Heat Pumps so that the efficiency of the one in use is always at its peak.

I am sure you know that heating and Air Conditioning appliances work best when they are challenged.  A boiler that is sized correctly for the depths of winter will operate at peak efficiency but not so much when the temperature outside is in the 50’s.

The same is true for Air Conditioning.  A large unit will efficiently cool when the temperatures are high such as in the 80’s or 90’s.  The same unit will operate much less efficiently when the temperature reaches the high 70’s.

Our heating and cooling appliances work at their very best when they struggle to keep up.  When the heating and/or cooling is too easy they tend to operate at levels that are significantly lower.

Hence…………., the use of two Heat Pumps in this home. 

We congratulate the owners for wanting to heat and cool at peak performance.

One of the key factors to efficient Heating and Cooling comes from Vermont Modular as we only build homes that are Super Insulated and highly energy efficient.

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