Is your home this well built?

Now that the deck has been built using 2x10” lumber for additional strength it is time to move forward with the home’s construction.  Yesterday we showed you just a deck that had been built; you were looking at the plywood.  Most of the time Vermont Modular orders ¾” Tongue & Grove OSB which is Oriented Strand Board.  Wood product manufacturers can generate 40% more construction product with OSB as compared to Plywood.  When making OSB the manufacturer is able to use all of the tree including the branches.  When making Plywood only a portion of the trunk can be used, the remainder is typically scrap.  The two products are equally strong and withstand the test-of-time equally.  OSB is widely used throughout the construction industry by responsible business that are trying to lessen their impact on the environment while still building a superior product.

Once the deck has been built it is time for the interior walls or partitions to be built and installed.  In today’s photograph you see that most of the exterior walls have been built and are in place whereas some of the interior walls have been built but have not been installed.  You might not be able to see in the photograph, but the exterior walls are all sheathed using OSB.

Here are several things we’d hope you see in today’s picture:

  • Everything is being built in a controlled environment, for all we know it is raining outside.  On a Site-Built home the rain would stop the job, but not here!
  • Work does not stop waiting for a lumber yard delivery, once a home’s construction starts it continues unabated, progress is relentless.
  • Building inside is far more productive and therefore reduces cost to you.
  • Building materials are not exposed to rain or snow, expensive products do not get harmed
  • Productivity is greatly increased!

Tomorrow we will follow this process and you will be able to see a home being built.

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