Yup, it's Friday

So, today is Friday!  We have worked hard all week long and now it is time to be thinking about our weekend.  What do you have in store for you and your family?  Are you apt to all hop in the car to your Vermont vacation home?

There is something very magical about driving off to that very secret spot to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  You can escape from the world where the phone seems to constantly ring but, it is yet one more robo call.  My phone here at the office has rung three times this morning with no one on the other end.  How annoying is that!

In our every day lives there is of course highway traffic, honking horns, idiot drivers, traffic accidents, and a whole host of other things we’d really like to forget.  Don’t forget that your kids all deal with their own problems that are very real and stressful; school can be a difficult task for many and growing up is always a challenge.

So……….., why not seriously think about building your own Vermont Vacation Home!  You can create a spot where traffic, and the challenges of everyday life quickly become a distant memory, all that nasty stuff quickly fades when you enter your private world of peace and harmony.  We are talking about a secret place for you to build a life time of wonderful memories of sharing, caring, and love of family. 

This is the time to declare a cease-fire from all the stress of our work-week lives.

Here at Vermont Modular we have delivered many vacation hideouts for families from all over the country.

Take a look at today’s photograph; wouldn’t you love to be in the car headed there!

If you could choose, where would you like to be?  How about at “the water’s edge?”  Or, how does “deep in the woods” sound?  Have you thought of your spot with a wonderful view? 

Call us at 985-5855 to start the discussion of your vacation home.

Tell us your dream vacation home!

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