Yupm its AC time!

For many years of delivering homes throughout Vermont we virtually never considered Air Conditioning.  The comment always came back, “….oh it’s Vermont, we don’t need AC!’

In the past five or so years we are constantly asked, “….what type of AC comes with the house?”  That brings up the question that “Captain Obvious” almost always asks, “….what types of AC are available?”  I told you he was fairly obvious

  1. Window units – this type of AC has become common place, we see the window air conditioners everywhere and they come in all kinds of sizes from small 5,000 BTU room air conditioners all they way up to big
  2. Central AC with duct work inside the house.  Lots of time this type of Central Air uses the same air ducts as the Forced Hot Air heat.  This type of AC normally has a semi large Compressor unit that is outside.  Again, this is quite commonplace.
  3. Mini-Split ductless Heat Pumps.  This a heating and air conditioning system that obviously does not have air ducts.  Since the air ducts are not there the Mini-Splits are a lot easier to install.

Oh wait, Captain Obvious is asking another question, “What type is the best?”  I wonder where he got his name?

Like so many options it all depends of what you want, what you’re willing to pay, and the particular circumstances that surround the job.

  • A rental unit is probably limited to Window AC units so that the tenant can take it with them when they leave.  Window units tend to be the least expensive, not always but most of the time.
  • If Duct work is going to be added it might be a good thing to have all that messy work done when you are away on vacation.
  • Often the easiest to install are the Heat Pump varieties as the only “Through The Wall” work is a round hole for two small pipes. 
    • The indoor unit mounts on the wall
    • The outdoor unit sits on the ground.

Take a look at today’s picture.  Captain Obvious just told me, “….oh I’ve seen those!”  Isn’t he clever!

We all have seen Heat Pumps; they are becoming very commonplace and like so many advances in technology the price has dropped significantly in the recent past.  Don’t you wish you had one to cool the house through this past heat wave?

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