3 or 4 bedrooms?

On Tuesday we introduced you to The Heritage House and that blog post received a lot of attention and significant interest.  So, today I thought I’d show you yet another picture of The Heritage House.

If you look at these two photographs they show was appears to be “the same house.”  Well……, that is completely wrong.  One of the houses is considerably larger than the other.

For example, can you figure which on has four bedrooms vs three in the other?

This is a great example of how similar homes can be easily built as completely Custom-Built homes.  Yes, they are similar but the owners of one might not care for the house that is so similar but lacks the various Custom Features of the other.

Do you realize that having a home Custom Built does NOT cost you any more?  An individual home’s cost is driven mostly by how big it is as compared to the custom features.  The interior of a home and how the rooms are arranged does not cost you any more as long as the overall footprint size remains the same.

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