An adventure over in The Adirondacks

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Right after Saturday's visit to a completed Vermont Modular Ranch House we continued our adventure to one of The Adirondacks 2,800 lakes.  We visited the site of a Vermont Modular Home that will be delivered later is summer.

I thought you might like to see where we went.

  1. The adventure started with a ride on the Ferry from Charlotte to Essex NY.  By the way, what’s with the red car?
  2. We found the building lot; can you imagine a Modular Home from Vermont Modular going down that road?  The house will be at the water’s edge deep in the woods of The Adirondacks.
  3. The picture shows the water and the Vermont Modular will be on the far side of the lake.
  4. Here’s another view of The Lake, how beautiful is that!  (oh look, there’s that Red Car again, what’s up with that?)

YIKES, it was a beautiful day!

Oh come on!  You know you’d like your own vacation home!  Give us a call and start the conversation.

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