And another home begins

Yesterday afternoon we were up north in Lamoille County to visit one of the next homes to be delivered.  About a week ago today’s picture was a fairly dense stand of trees. 

The soil at this site is all sand so an excavator machine was able to easily and very quickly remove all the stumps creating a flat house site.  It will be just a few days and the machine will dig out the cellar hole in preparation for the building of the foundation.

In Monday’s blog post we showed you all the concrete forms in place ready for concrete trucks to deliver their pay loads of concrete.  That process will be happening on this formerly wooded house site very soon.

This next home to be delivered is a Cape Cod style home for a family moving to Vermont from New Hampshire.

YES, we will keep you posted with photographs of the progress.  This home like all of our homes are 100% Custom Built and are super Energy Efficient adhering to Vermont’s most recent strict energy codes.

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