Another living room

Yesterday we looked at a really cool living room that looked out over Lake Champlain out in The Islands.

Today you are looking at a Living Room down in Southern Vermont.  That huge expanse of glass looks out at the Green Mountains near Wilmington Vermont.

Yes, this living room has a Vaulted Ceiling that creates s unique look that is right at home in any area that has a view.  This beautiful Ranch House would fit just perfect:

  • Next to the lake looking out at the water
  • Up in the mountains looking across a valley
  • At the base of Vermont’s tallest mountain  (Mt. Mansfield)
  • Looking across a valley at a quaint village in Southern Vermont
  • A mile or two from a big Ski Resort in central Vermont
  • Over in the NEK look across a valley at Island Pond
  • On the side of a huge mountain up near the Canadian border
  • Across the road from the entrance of a popular ski resort in Southern Vermont
  • And then there could be your new home………………….

This particular home has a style name, this is The Trailhead, one of Vermont Modular’s more popular homes.

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