Are you working from home?

Greetings those of you who wander whether you are a hiker, camper, foodie, craft beer aficionado, lover of exploring, or if you are a fan of Vermont Modular Homes, we want you to stay safe out there!

This is Easter Week coupled with Passover, it is a time for Hope.  And, yes, the flowers are starting to show their beauty.  Today’s photograph shows the end of this year’s Crocus.  It is hard to believe but they are almost done for this year, we won’t see them again until 2021.  And YES, despite our current gloom we will see 2021 for sure.

During this downtime when we are all at home either because we’ve been temporarily laid off or working from home along with the kids.  This is a fabulous time to be planning for our new home.

Just today we had several inquiries asking about our Design Service.  We will help you (free of charge) with as much design help as you would like.

Let’s face it, there isn’t exactly a lot going on right about now.  The roads are empty, no one is shopping, restaurants a closed along with what seems like all of Vermont being closed.  It is a time to work on designing your new home.

Can we help you?

Give us a call at (802) 985-5855

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