Backing up is so easy if you know what you are doing

Let’s continue with our pictorial blog of our most recent brand-new modular home deliveries.

In today’s photograph you can see the “empty” foundation on the left, it was built several weeks earlier.  Look at the foundation carefully you can see a pipe sticking through the wall.  That pipe is the conduit that will bring the electrical power underground from The Pole to the house.  Also, look and you will see the wooden Sill Plate on top of the concrete wall.  The modular home will sit on this plate that has been anchored to the concrete foundation for strength.

And there is the white truck backing up one of the modules to the exact spot where the crane will hoist it up on the foundation.  That one module which we affectionately call “A Box” weighs roughly 24,000 pounds.

By the way, both the delivery and the setting of the house on its foundation went off without a hitch.  We here at Vermont Modular Homes go out of our way to hire highly skilled Set Crews and talented crane operators.  This was a well-done house set and the homeowners are very pleased.

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