Bigger is better!

Recently we ordered an extra wide home for delivery.  Over a lot of years Vermont Modular has avoided the extra wide homes to save on transportation costs.  Once a module exceeds 15’0” in width the state of Vermont requires a special Police Escort to move within our state.  The special escorts can cost several thousands of dollars.

We would love to discuss in detail with you how the extra costs are actually an insignificant transportation charge.  From now on the additional size will give all the houses a huge advantage.

It really is such a great deal of flexibility and we’d like to explain in detail how your new home can increase in size for a greatly reduced cost.

When you purchase a Modular Home the flexibility is awesome.  Did you know that every home is going to be 100% Custom Built.  You will love your new home because it is going to be exactly the way you want and now with greater flexibility in sizes, it is even better.

Call us to start the conversation about your new home.  (802) 985-5855

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