Building Vermont Dreams

Yesterday we took a look at a nice size Ranch House being delivered, remember I was coming down the snow-covered driveway.

In today’s photograph you can see the very same house being professionally set on its Permanent Foundation. 

Look carefully and you will see:

  • One of the modules is already set on the foundation towards the left side of the photograph.
  • The crane’s cables are being put in place to hoist the second module up an on the foundation
  • These two modules are both 56’ from left to right and almost 14’ from front to back.  They were relatively heavy coming in at a whopping 28,500 pounds or slightly more than 14 tons in half the house.  That brings the total weight to about 56,000 pounds or 28 tons.  Yikes, that is a lot of house!
  • That is truly a lot of well-built home that was built by craftsmen in the plant, craftsmen  that take pride in how they build homes.

Vermont Modular is proud to be a part of turning this family’s dreams into reality.

Isn’t it time for you to have your dreams addressed?  Call us at (802) 985-5855 and start the conversation.

See you soon!

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