This can't be good

All of us here at Vermont Modular are noticing a significant increase in activity, it seems as though everyone is actively thinking and planning their new home.

Let’s face it, the holidays are over, the bills are coming in, and this is the perfect time of year to dream, think, and plan for the new home.  After all, it won’t be long and spring will be upon us.  Here in The Champlain Valley all of the snow and frost is normally gone by April first.  And, that means winter will be over in about two months.

As you contemplate winter, take a look at today’s photograph!  That is a Cape Cod style home being Site-Built during the winter.  Here are a series of good questions for  you to ask yourself:

  1. Is this home being properly protected?
  2. Does the snow and ice hurt the lumber?
  3. Is the snow getting inside the house?
  4. Is this a PRODUCTIVE use of builders’ time?
  5. Truthfully!!!!  Is this the way you’d like your new home to be built?

It is true, a picture does say as much as a thousand words!  Take a good long look at the photograph.  We all know this is absolutely NOT the right way to build a home; it just cannot workout well.  And,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, everyone knows that!

If the modular home you are building were being built today it would be inside, away from the snow, not in the ice, and certainly a million times more PRODUCTIVE.

That’s the second time I used the word productive in this brief blog post.  The productivity associated with building a home is the major reason modular homes cost you less while building a superior home!  Isn’t it just common sense?

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