Chocolate or Vanilla

Ice cream does not solve everything!  However, when it is well into the 90’s like it has been recently it sure helps us all feel better.

Did you know that Vermont Modular Homes has been including Air Conditioning in virtually all of our new homes for the past several years?

It seems as though we have all become spoiled and genuinely want AC included.  The most popular type of AC for 2020 is the wildly popular Ductless Mini-Split HEAT PUMP

The other day one of our clients commented their house was a tad chilly.  Outside it was 94 degrees and inside it was 68.  How’d you like to have had that concern?

Heat Pumps are great and work wonderfully.  But it really is necessary to have a Highly Energy Efficient Home.  All of our loyal readers know that Vermont Modular is so proud to build one of Vermont’s MOST Energy Efficient homes.  Each and every home is highly insulated and will drastically cut back on Heat Loss during the winter.  That also means it will drastically cut down on your cooling costs during the summer.

Don’t you think it is time to call Vermont Modular and start the conversation about your new home.

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