Like the color?

Yesterday was a busy day for Vermont Modular and I thought you might like to see where we went.  This is over in The Adirondacks of New York State.

Today’s photograph is of a home you have seen before.  Back in January, this past January right here in 2020, we posted a lot of pictures of this home while it was being set on its permanent foundation. 

And as you can easily see a lot has changed.  This is just a tiny list just for you:

  • All the siding has been finished
  • The two-car garage has been built
  • A huge amount of site work and landscaping has been finished
  • A concrete front walk-way has been built and installed
  • Of course, all the interior work has been finished., (it came out beautiful)
  • Two days ago, the Heat Pump was delivered, good thing because it was 89 degrees yesterday, the AC is needed.
  • A “Stamped Concrete” patio in the back yard will be built very shortly in time for Grilling Season

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